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Who We Are


Eric Hassid | M.D.

Dr Hassid Photo_edited.jpg

Dr. Hassid is a double board certified physician by both the American Board of Anti-aging & Regenerative medicine as well as the American Board of Integrative medicine.  He has amassed 15+ years of experience administering Botox cosmetically and therapeutically.

Dr. Hassid's philosophy:

I have learned over the years that true healing comes from the patient, not the health care practitioner. The role of the health care practitioner is to engage, educate and empower the patient to achieve optimal health. I firmly believe in the body's inherent ability to be restored to good health. The only thing I ask from all of my patients is that they possess a strong passion for making positive lifestyle changes that can lead to optimal health and renewed vitality. It is this quality that is the key to long term success.

What I enjoy most about functional medicine is that it addresses the underlying causes and mediators of most chronic diseases. These factors include nutrition quality and gastrointestinal health, mind-body health, sleep quality, exercise and activity level, hormonal stability and toxic environmental exposure burden. My primary goal as a functional medicine physician is to help patients achieve optimal health through positive lifestyle changes, the use of safe, natural therapies, and the use of targeted medical and rehabilitative interventions, whenever necessary.

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